CVA 59

I served in the U.S.Navy from 1969-1973 and a good part of my time in service was aboard the USS Forrestal CVA59 in the Educational Services Office. Many fond memories and wonderful friends were made during this time. Click HERE!!to see a picture of me relaxing aboard the Forrestal. I hope you enjoy this page, and if you served onboard during this period of time please contact me at

My military service started out at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Company can find out more about my basic training, and the men I trained with at GREAT LAKES TRAINING CENTER COMPANY 203 And if you served with me at basic training, would love to here from you.

Forrestal Statistics

Commissioned: October 1, 1955

Decommissioned: September 11, 1993

Length: 317 meters (1086 feet)

Flight Deck Width: 76.8 meters (252 feet)

Flight Deck: 250,000 sq. feet nearly 4 acres

Hanger Deck: 75,000 sq. feet 3 sections

Keel to Mast Top: 25 story building

Number of Rudders: 3

Weight of Largest Rudders: 45 tons each

Number of Propellers: 4 all 5 blades

Horsepower: 260,000 shaft hp

19 Levels including the island

Weight of Anchors: 30 tons each

Meals Served Daily: 10,500

Beam: 39.3 meters (129 feet)

Speed: 30 + knots

Displacement: Approx. 79,300 tons full load

Crew: 5,499 with airwing attached

Aircraft: Approx. 75

Mast Height: 131 feet

Ships Namesake

The Honorable James Vincent Forrestal was born in Beacon, New York, on February 15, 1892. After graduating from high school, he attended Dartmouth College and Princeton University. Leaving Princeton in 1915, he worked as both a financial reporter and tobacco salesman until 1916, when he enter the banking business in New York City. At the onset of World War I, Forrestal enlisted in the United States Navy. He was later commissioned a naval aviator and served both in this country and abroad. He was discharged at the rank of Lieutenant in July 1919, and reentered the banking business. In June 1940, he accepted a post as Administrative Assistant to President Roosevelt, serving as a liaison for the President overseeing the National Defense Program. Two months later, Forrestal was appointed to the newly-created office of Under Secretary of the Navy. In this position, he was in charge of a procurement and production program that produced the world's largest Navy. Forrestal was appointed Secretary of the Navy in may 1944. He then took the oath of office as our country's first Secretary of Defense in September 1947, and served in that capacity until 1949 when failing health forced his resignation. He died on May 22, 1949. A bronze bust of Forrestal at the mall entrance to the pentagon is inscribed as follows: "This memorial to James Forrestal, as a spontaneous tribute to his lasting accomplishments in providing for national security and his selfless devotion to duty, was erected by thousands of his friends and co-workers of all rank and stations." Additionally, a life-size brass bust of Secretary Forrestal has for many years been a fixture on the USS Forrestal quarterdeck. This bust serves as a constant reminder of the impressive legacy bestowed upon the ship by it's namesake, as well as the numerous contributions he made to our Navy and our nation's defense program. USS Forrestal has long been and forever will be proud to be linked with such a great man, carrying on his indomitable spirit, dignity, and courage as the "First in Defense". On October 1, 1955 Secretary of the Navy, C. S. Thomas, at USS FORRESTAL's commissioning ceremony, perhaps best summarized Secretary Forrestal's myriad achievements: "I welcome the opportunity of paying a personal tribute to my friend, and former superior, the late and genuinely lamented James Forrestal. This nation has never had a more devoted servant, nor one with greater vision than James Forrestal. But for his untiring efforts, brilliance and devotion, our nation would not be enjoying the tenuous peace we have today. It is therefore most fitting and proper that this first new super carrier, representing all the best efforts of industry, science, and the Navy, should carry his name." In addition to the having the world's first supercarrier named for him, Mr. Forrestal has at least one high school, the building that houses the Department of Energy in Washington, D. C., a corporate research park at Princeton University, and a lecture series at the U. S. Naval Academy named for him as well.


USS FORRESTAL Museum Homepage



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Robert (Bobby) Rolloff from New Ulm, MN

Joseph Pate from Dodge City KA

Richard Lavelle

PN1 Palowski

Ed Viscomi from New Jersey

CPO James Martin

all friends that served with Michael Michaud onboard USS Forrestal..Educational Services

First in Defense

off the coast of Rhodes Greece

Sea Duty Ribbon

A memorial for those that gave their lives for their country aboard the USS FORRESTAL (1967 Fire)

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And last but not least, here I am on graduation day from Boot Camp Training, May 1969, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL.

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I recently visited your interesting site on the USS Forrestal. It definitely qualifies for the "Spirits of Ships" award. I know you've put considerable work into your site. It shows. Please accept your "Spirits of Ships" award. I remember many days working alongside the Forrestal in the Atlantic and the Med. Great ship. Great site.

The Spirits of Ships award is given to sites honoring the memory of decommissioned US Navy war ships. These sites keep the spirits of our bygone ladies alive so the world can know how much they meant to us and that they live on in our memories. Receiving this award indicates your dedication to a most important part of our country, Naval history and the preservation of freedom.

Thanks so much for this award

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A special Thanks to shipmate scott_routt for allowing me to use the graphics and photo's that you will find on my Forrestal pages.

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